Amrish Puri punched Govinda in a packed gathering and said this shockingly in Bollywood

From acting to Bollywood actor Govinda, the dance world is crazy. He has made many great movies in his career. The actor started his career with the 1986 film ‘Ilzaam’. Govinda was nominated for 12 Filmfare Awards in his career, while winning Filmfare Special Awards twice.

Govinda has worked in so many movies so far (Govinda has worked in so many movies so far)

Govinda has appeared in 165 films to date. There was a time when Govinda’s name was used in Bollywood and every producer wanted to cast him in their movie. Govinda used to have a series of movies and this was the reason why he signed many movies together.

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Govinda has made a big name in Bollywood in a short time (Govinda has made a big name in Bollywood in a short time)

Govinda had become a big name in the industry in a very short time. They have made many great movies together. Once upon a time, Govinda had so many movies that he didn’t have time for himself or his family. He was always making movies and that’s why he was late to the sets of other movies. Often, not only the co-stars, but also the directors were furious about this.

Govinda and Amrish Puri got into a fight because of this

Govinda and Amrish Puri collaborated in a movie. Amrish was given nine hours to reach the set. Amrish Puri got ready by getting to the set on time, but Govinda reached the set at 6am instead of 9am. This made Amrish Puri so angry that he clashed with Govind as soon as he reached the set. During this conversation, a heated argument ensued between the two.

Amrish Puri said this thing

There was much discussion between Govinda and Amrish Puri. During this, Govinda not only misbehaved with Amrish Puri, but also tried to raise his hand. Amrish angrily beat the actor in front of everyone because of Govinda’s attitude and even called him a worm of a dirty drain. There was a lot of uproar in Bollywood after this incident.