Big bang in a small package, brought home in just 2000 rupees, the cheapest car launched in its new avatar

PMV electric car

PMV electric car The cheapest EV car PMV Electric was launched on Wednesday. Sitting in this two-seater car you get the feeling of a sports car. The name of this car from Mumbai-based startup Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV Electric) is PMV EaS-E. You can get this microcar for just Rs 4.79 lakh. People have been waiting for this for a long time. 6000 copies of this car have already been booked for the launch.

Brought home a small pack of big bang in just 2000 rupees, the car has four doors. There are two chairs. It can drive 200 kilometers on one charge. You can book a car by visiting the company’s website for just Rs 2,000. The company will deliver it next year.

Check out the great features of this cheap car

The car is 2915 mm long, 1157 mm wide and 1600 mm high. It has a ground clearance of 170 mm and a wheelbase of 2087 mm. The weight of the car is 550 kg. It has round headlights, LED light bar. Apart from this, it has a digital infotainment system, air conditioning, remote keyless entry and remote parking assist, a USB charging port, cruise control, airbags and seat belts. Music control, calling via connected smartphone, feet-free driving, Bluetooth connectivity, on-board navigation, control is available.

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with strong battery

It has a strong battery. Which can also be charged by connecting to a 15 amp house connection. You do not need to install a separate socket for this. It comes with a 3 kW AC charger and takes 4 hours to charge the battery on a single charge. The electric motor in the car generates 13 hp and a maximum torque of 50 Nm. In just 5 seconds it starts running at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. It has 4G connectivity feature.

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Will show its strength in the automotive sector

This compact car is specially designed for narrow streets and markets. Will take less space to park. Will pass easily in the crowd. Earlier Kalpit Patel, Founder of PMV Electric said, “We are delighted to officially launch the product. This will be an important milestone for the company as we have created a world-class product manufactured by an Indian company. We look forward to to electrify the country and introduce a new segment called Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV), purpose-built for everyday use.