Booty on Mahindra Scorpio, Mahasale moves on, showroom price slashed by Rs 2.1 lakh, don’t let go of golden opportunity


Mahindra Showroom updated Scorpio price. Loot on Mahindra Scorpio continues Mahasale, showroom price reduced by Rs 2.1 lakh, don’t let go of the golden opportunity, I have started playing my stab again. One of Mahindra’s most successful vehicles, the Scorpio, has been released to showrooms at a huge discount to complete the 2022 model.

Know the real reason why Mahindra gives such a discount.

Mahindra launches his new Scorpio, after which Mahindra wants to remove the old Scorpio Classic from the showroom, with huge discounts available on these vehicles.

Know how much Mahindra is discounting

According to information from Mahindra showroom, cash discount of Rs 175,000 is given while exchange bonus of ₹10,000 and company discount of ₹10,000 are given as well as accessories up to ₹20,000 are given for free.

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Mahindra’s full discount information

  • Cash discount Rs 175000
  • Exchange bonus of ₹10,000
  • Company discount of ₹ 10,000
  • Accessories up to ₹20000 free

Know the price of Mahindra Scorpio

Taxes levied in different states and insurance costs differ depending on them, so we will tell you the ex-showroom price of this vehicle.

Booty on Mahindra Scorpio, Mahasale Continues, Showroom Price Cut by Rs 2.1 lakh, Don’t Miss a Golden Opportunity

The current price of this vehicle starts from Rs 11.99 lakhs, but after absorbing all the discounts, you can take this vehicle home for an ex-showroom price of Rs 9.7 lakhs. The prices of different models are slightly different, the information of which is attached in the photo.