Cyan Solar EV, which is charged with solar panels, works in a few hours of charging, functions of 305 Km are deadly

Solar panel charging car launched in a few hours of charging will drive 305 km. This car is amazing There is a lack of charging infrastructure in India. This causes a problem when charging the car. In such a situation, the German-based Sono Motors Company recently launched such a new electric vehicle.

which is charged by sunlight. The Sion’s body panels are equipped with solar cells that help capture sunlight. So you don’t need electricity or other equipment.

Solar panel will charge

Charged by sunlight, range up to 150 miles per week. The Sion Solar EV consists of 456 half cells mounted on its body parts. It also supports fast charging and slow charging.

Launched car travels 305 km in a few hours of charging

The 54 kWh battery pack in it gives a total range of 305 km on a single charge. Using the Public Fast Charger, an electric MPV can be charged to 80 percent in less than 35 minutes.

The battery can be used at home

Other EVs can also be charged via the Sion. Sion can serve as a two-way wallbox. That is, by connecting to the battery in your home, you can use electricity for five days. This power is also extended to electrical equipment and equipment up to 3.7 kW during outdoor activities.

Interior Get infotainment screen and 10-inch touchscreen Interior Get infotainment screen and 10-inch touchscreen

The interior of the car features a digital infotainment screen and a 10-inch touchscreen. The system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, Bluetooth hands-free calling, climate control and apps that provide information about solar energy, energy consumption and charge/discharge controls.

Sion Solar EV Price Sion Solar EV Price

It costs about $25,000. The Cyan Solar EV will go on sale in 2023. It will be sold first to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

20,000 bookings made

Sono has also secured more than 22,000 operator pre-orders, with 12,000 orders from auto-subscription service Finn. To date, Sion has received over 20,000 bookings with an average down payment of approximately $2,000.

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The company expects to travel by 2030 to reach its goal of producing 2.57,000 units of the Sion. Sono will start production next year at its partner Valmet Automotive’s factory in Finland.

Maintenance Maintenance

In terms of maintenance and service, Sono plans to partner with third-party service providers in Europe, whose names will be revealed in the coming weeks. Sono offers the option to pick up the car at a pre-determined location for delivery when the vehicle goes on sale.