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Documents List for Gujarat . Government Scheme , [Digital Gujarata] Government of Gujarat Documents List and Certificates of Government of Gujarat:- The Government of Gujarat has published a list of proof of beneficiaries giving benefits to various government schemes. Supporting evidence is needed for government agencies to take advantage of the certificates and various government schemes. The list below is shown below.

Document list with non-creamy layer

  1. Non-creamy layer shape and photo
  2. ration card
  3. Caste Certificate / Jatino Dakhlo
  4. Certificate of Income / Avakno Dakhlo
  5. LC
  6. Income Affidavit
  7. Caste Certificate Document List
  8. Caste Certificate Form And Photo

ration card

  1. LC of father and relative
  2. light bill
  3. EBC Certificate Document List
  4. Certificate of Income / Avakano Dakhlo Form and Photo
  5. Election card
  6. Adhar card
  7. LC
  8. Talati . income certificate
  9. EBC affidavit / Sogandnamu
  10. Jamin Utara

Income Certificate / Avakano Dakhlo Document List

  1. Certificate of Income / Avakano Dakhlo Form and Photo
  2. Election card
  3. Adhar card
  4. LC
  5. Talati . income certificate
  6. Declaration of income / Sogandnamu

Marriage Certificate / Lagn Nu Pramanpatra- Document List

  1. Marriage Certificate / Lagn Nu PramanPatra Form
  2. Adhar card (both)
  3. Election Card (Both)
  4. Passport photo
  5. wedding photo
  6. Lagn Ni Kankotri
  7. LC (if have)
  8. Testimony certificate (Sakshi Nu Adhar card)
  9. Maharaja Certificate

Download document PDF here: click here

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