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Download PUC Certificate Online: Did you know that a valid insurance cover, valid driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate and a valid PUC certificate are the mandatory documents that every vehicle owner must carry with them while driving on Indian roads.

How to download PUC

PUCC has recently been successfully launched by Morth. It will serve the thousands of pollution checkpoints across the country. The application captures the smoke parameter via API provided by the manufacturer, vehicle number plate via webcam and sends OTP to the vehicle owner. A PUC certificate is then issued to the vehicle owner if the pollution emitted by the vehicle (petro, diesel, four/two wheeler, transport/non-transport, etc.) meets the standards.

How to Download the PUC Certificate Online

  • How to Download PUC You can download the PUC Certificate Soft Copy from the official Parivahan website with your vehicle registration number and chassis number.
  • Here are the steps through which you can directly download the PUC certificate online.
  • Log in to the official Download PUC Certificate page from any web browser.
It will ask you to enter the registration number, chassis number (last 5 characters) and verification code as shown in the picture.
Note: If you don’t know the chassis number, go to the Vehicle Owner Details Search page to get the chassis number and registration number.
After entering the required information, click on the PUC details button and you will see your certificate.

That’s it, click the Print button and save the PUC certificate PDF to your device.

What is PUC Certificate Online Download?

PUC certificate stands for Pollution Under Control and is a certificate that is given to the vehicle after passing a PUC test under the Central Regulation on Motor Vehicles. This certificate is required for any vehicle type, including CNG, LPG, Petrol and Diesel.

Pollution under control Certificate certifies that the vehicle is safe to drive on Indian roads and smoke from the vehicle is under control according to the standard rules set by the government to control pollution.

If your vehicle does not receive the certificate, it means that the smoke emissions from your bicycle, car, bus or truck are not under control. In short, your vehicle is a threat to the air of your city.

Download the online PUC certificate contains the following information:

  1. PUC certificate number
  2. Vehicle registration number
  3. Registration date
  4. Validity (expiry date)
  5. Emission measurements
  6. Validity PUC certificate
  7. When you buy a new car or bicycle, the company issues a PUC certificate and the validity of this certificate is 1 year.

After that one year has passed, your vehicle must pass the emissions test every six months and a new certificate will be issued each time.

If it is determined that the emission is higher than the prescribed limit, the validity of the certificate is determined on the basis of that value. Center will also pass on your registration number to the RTO within one day.

FAQ: How to download the PUC certificate online

Q. What is how to download the PUC certificate?

  • A. PUC Certificate stands for Pollution Control is a certificate given to the vehicle after it has passed a PUC test under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule. It states that the vehicle is safe to drive on Indian roads.

Where can you apply for a PUC certificate?

  • You can apply to any accredited gas station or independent test center and get a certificate instantly.

Why is a PUC certificate required?

  • It helps to monitor the emission levels of vehicles to determine how safe they are and whether they contribute to air pollution.

Which vehicles require PUC certification?

  • All vehicles driving on Indian roads must have valid PUC certification.

What is the validity of the PUC certificate?

  • Issued to a brand new vehicle is valid for one year. After that, tests must be performed every six months and you will receive a new certificate.

What are the costs of the emissions test?

  • The cost of the test ranged between Rs.30 and Rs.100 depending on the vehicle and fuel type.