For the farmers, VST Shakti tractor hit the market with a bang and became the first choice with strong engine and power

VST Shakti tractor hit the market with a bang for the farmers. When we talk about Indian farmers, then the tractor is not only an agricultural machine working on the land, but the tractor is also a companion of all their happiness and sorrow. Tractors are also used by the farmers for small and large works of kheti to transport the grain to the market and for other works.

VST Shakti MT 932 Became Farmers’ First Choice

In such a situation, every farmer wants to get the right tractor with the right features that can reduce the hard work of the farmers for hours. In such a situation, the compact tractor VST Shakti MT 932 has become the first choice of farmers, which is considered ideal for small farms. Its smaller size is versatile and less expensive than large farm tractors. This Vst Shakti MT 932 tractor improves the efficiency of agricultural activities such as mowing grass, clearing garbage and sludge and can also carry out transportations.

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Farmers will benefit maximum from VST Shakti MT 932

When choosing the VST Shakti MT 932 compact tractor, it is important that the farmer chooses the tractor taking into account the size of the land and the workload. That’s why VST brings you the VST Shakti MT 932 tractor, one of the most innovative products in the Indian compact tractor market. Which has more than 30 smart and farmer-friendly features. Farmers of VST Shakti MT 932 get maximum benefits.

VST Shakti MT Will Increase Production

The VST Shakti MT 932 product was developed in-house by VST Tillers Tractors, a pioneer in the production of rotary tillers and compact tractors for over five decades. The tractor is built using the best global technology and facilities. VST Shakti MTVST Shakti MT 932 has also been designed with the requirements of Indian farms in mind. In 2021, the tractor also won the Apollo Farm Power Awards for its groundbreaking innovation.

Vst Shakti MT 932 Powerful Horsepower

Vst Shakti MT 932 For farmers looking for efficiency and speed, the Vst Shakti MT 932 offers 30 hp and a four-cylinder engine, which generates powerful engine power. The tractor is fully equipped with Synchromesh gearbox, making it easy to work in the field. This tractor is productive for the farmers and provides an efficient mileage.

Features of Vst Shakti MT 932

Vst Shakti MT 932 This machine can convert back braking into fast shifting. The hydraulic lifting capacity can lift almost any equipment. In addition, the tractor features fuel-saving technology, an ergonomic design, a lifting capacity of 1250 kg and power steering, making this compact VST Shakti MT tractor one of the most advanced technology-driven tractors in the Indian agricultural landscape.