Get the best selling bike in top condition in India for just Rs.18000


Splendor Plus Bike Offer: Best selling bike in India in top condition for just Rs 18000. India has always been in the trend of cheapest and coolest bike. In this age of inflation, people have to narrow down their search. People should think before they buy something. On the other hand, if the office is far from home, a lot of running is required. For this it is necessary to have a bicycle or a vehicle. Today, most people are looking for an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles have become popular in the world, but knowledgeable and sensible people still prefer to buy petrol bicycles.

Shiny bike available for just Rs 18000

Cheap Hero Splendor and Splendor NXG bikes are listed for sale online. To buy these bikes, you only need to spend 17-20 thousand rupees. To buy the bike, you need to visit the online The 2010 model Splendor Plus is on sale for Rs.17500. On this website and also on you will find many second-hand bicycles. You can select a motorcycle here taking into account your budget.

Hero Splendor NXG 100cc 2009 model

The NXG model was launched to give a closer look at the Hero’s Splendor bike, but after a while this bike was discontinued and discontinued in the same format. This bike also became quite popular, people buy all Hero’s bikes because of their resale value. Due to very little maintenance, the bike from this company is trusted. This motorcycle has run 22 thousand kilometers and is from the first owner. The bike is on location in Delhi. To see similar bikes in your location, you can search this website by entering your location.

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Get the best selling bike in top condition in India for just Rs.18000

Hero Splendor Plus 100cc Bicycles

This 2010 Splendor Plus bike from Hero is the first owner and is listed for Rs.17500. This bike is a petrol variant and is at the location in Ahmedabad. To buy the bike, you have to press the book now button directly. This bike is on and can be delivered to your home. The special thing about the bike is that it has new tires and looks completely new. There’s no competition for a one-handed bike anyway.