Heavy Drop in Rebar Prices Again, Cheap Coal Lowers Rebar Prices, Rebar Stalls at Rs 50,000 Tons


There is another massive fall in prices of rebar, cheap coal is lowering the price of rebar, rebar is stuck at Rs 50,000 per ton, price of coal is down Rs 3,000 per ton and decrease in demand has led to a huge drop in the price of reinforcement. . In March this year, rebar which reached the highest level of Rs 80,400 per ton came back to the level of two years ago i.e. Rs 50,000 per ton on Saturday. Also in December 2020, the reinforcement was Rs 50 thousand per ton after which there was a steady increase.

great relief for home builders

This is a relief to the people who are preparing to build a house. Iron merchants say that coal, which was available for Rs 16,000 per ton, is now becoming available to industry at Rs 13,000 per ton. Due to the e-auction of coal, domestic coal will also be available in sufficient quantity for the industry in the coming days. This may cause the price of Sariya to drop further.

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Rebar got stuck at 50 thousand rupees tons

According to media reports, the price of rebar at the factories has risen to Rs 45,000 per ton. Including GST, it has reached Rs 50 thousand per ton. The price of reinforcement will not fall further than this. After the price fall in the factories, the process of price reduction of reinforcing bars will also start in the retail trade in a few days.

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Housing costs fall by up to 7%

According to media reports, the cost of houses will fall by five to seven percent as a result of the fall in the price of rebar. The consumer will benefit from this. This can be called a good opportunity to buy and build a house.