HF Deluxe Electric saves money, it costs 25 paise to walk 1 km

Hero HF Deluxe Electric

Hero HF Delux Electric New Look: You want to buy an electronic two-wheeler, but you can’t because of a low budget. People love electric two-wheelers for their huge range and advancements. But at such inflation, the common man cannot afford it. This is why ordinary people cannot buy even if they want to. So for you we tell you a special way in which you too can easily convert your old Hero HF Deluxe bicycle to electric.

We are talking about an electronic conversion kit with which the Hero HF Deluxe bicycle can be very easily converted to electronic.

Follow this trick to convert to electric (Follow this trick to convert to electric)

The GoGoA1 company has prepared this electric conversion kit and it is currently being made by the company for the Hero Splendor bike. At the same time, the company is also quickly preparing this kit for the Hero HF Deluxe bike. There is a lot of discussion about this product from the company. The company plans to market this kit for the rest of its bikes and scooters as well. This electrical conversion kit is also available online.

This bike has a range of 100 km (This bike has a range of 100 km)

At the moment, the company has prepared this kit for Hero Splendor. The price has been set at Rs 37,000 by the company. In such a situation, it is expected that the company will also launch this electric conversion kit for Hero HF Deluxe at the same price. The conversion kit launches at this price. In this kit, the company has installed a battery worth Rs 50,000.

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If you also include the battery with the kit, the price can rise to 90,000.

But you can save money by renting the battery. By doing so, the cost is reduced to just 35 thousand rupees. GoGoA1 also gives a 3-year warranty on this electrical kit. RTO has also given permission for this electrical kit. After installation, this RTO gives a green license plate.