Hindu man and Pakistani woman, this family is so fighting in the World Cup, such tip is on the day of the match

Hindu man and Pakistani woman, this family is so competing in the World Cup, on the day of the match, this streak of happiness continued even during the match between India and Pakistan on Sunday. However, his wife Qurat-ul-Ain, who lives in Karachi, has blocked him on WhatsApp for two days. In the year 2015, something similar happened after the match between India and Pakistan.

In that Adelaide game, Ann and her son had to leave the stands when they couldn’t stand Pakistan’s poor performance and the happiness of her husband and other Indian fans. Hindu man and Pakistani woman, what happens in the Indo-Pak cricket match? Ain says, “Although you pray all the time that Allah will keep them happy, but their happiness is not tolerated.”

Whenever and wherever the match between India and Pakistan is played, the feelings of the fans of both countries are on the same fire, but when the man is related to India and the woman is related to Pakistan in a house, just imagine what the situation must have been. When Ali watches the India-Pakistan match at home and the Indian batsmen hit fours and sixs, ‘From there, there is an air of tension in the house.’

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However, in the story of Ali and Ain, India and Pakistan are not limited to just cricket matches, but from the first meeting of the two to the procession coming to Pakistan, there has been interference in India-Pakistan relations or cricket series at any time. . play. This family has been living in Australia for almost ten years, but about 20 years ago it was very difficult for them to come to India and Pakistan.

Ali and Ain watch India Pakistan match

‘Earlier inquired in the letter, used to know that Ammi-Abbu would already read it’

Two countries, two personalities and much more. 75 years of independence and division. cross-border communication.

talk about the border


During the partition of India and Pakistan, Ali and Ain’s family was also divided between India and Pakistan. But even after that, the process of coming and going from both sides continued.

Ann was in class VIII when she first went to Lucknow. She says in her special way, “I don’t know why I went, otherwise I would have saved today.”

This was back in the 80s when there was clearly no social media like today. Then Ali and Ain talked through letters.

A letter that would have arrived after two months of waiting, first read by Ann’s parents and then finally reaching Ann.

Ali says he was the only one who inquired about the movement in the letter at the time, as it was known that Ammi and Abbu would read it first.

After this, the internet came and the two started talking via Messenger and the marriage was agreed upon by both families.

Ann says: “My mother always said I would get married anywhere, not in India. The reason for this was that there were few means of communication at the time and there were difficulties even from the commute to work.

At that time, there were also flights between India and Pakistan via Dubai. Therefore, in addition to the flight, there were also visa problems in managing the marriage.

The procession came on the visa of the match

In the year 2004, when the relations between India and Pakistan started to weaken, the ODI and Test series between the two countries were announced, which were named “Friendship Series”. India was due to go to Pakistan in 2004 and during this time there was hope for Ali and his family to come to Pakistan.

He was given a 14-day visa to come to Pakistan for the Karachi ODI match, during which his relatives and friends also came to Karachi.

Ali explains: “We got the visa for that match, saw that match, she also went with me. During that time we also enjoyed the match a lot and it was very good if India had won the match too.

To this Ann immediately said: “But I felt very bad, that’s where your bad luck started, remember that too.”

Ali with his children

“When there is a match between Pakistan and India, I forget how this man is doing”

According to Ain, the Pakistan-India match at his home is one such occasion in which all emotions come to the fore.

“The enemy seems to be the enemy. Everyone forgets what a man is like. It hurts a lot to see happiness at that moment. Although man prays to be happy, but this is such an occasion, when they are happy, I feel very jealous. I will tell the truth.”

Here, Ali was fond of cricket from childhood and was a fast bowler. Even now he goes not only to the matches of India but also to the Ashes series and he is fascinated with cricket regardless of the team.

Although he watches the game at home, he often has to hide his happiness to keep the atmosphere in check.

He said: “Of course I’m happy once the fours and sixes start to strike, but during that time the house is also taken care of so that no one has to get hurt.”

Ann, however, has a different opinion on this. She says, “The truth is that I can hardly smile because I am very sorry and very hurt that someone is very happy because India has won and I cannot bear it.”

She says: “If my father is from Pakistan and there is a match between Pakistan and India, then you won’t feel as much tension in the MCG as you do in this house.”

Ali Iqbal is from Lucknow and his wife Qurat-ul-Ain is from Karachi, Pakistan.

Son of Pakistan supporter and daughter India

These differences are not limited to just Ann and Ali, but their children also have different sides. His sons are on the side of Pakistan because they were born in Pakistan while daughter supports India because she is closer to her father. However, during this time, emphasis is also placed on maintaining the respectful relationship in the family. Ann says she sometimes has to tell her son to “treat your father with respect and not to forget that we are part of the same family.”

Ali's family

The daughter is supported by the father because it seems that “her father is left alone and there are two people in the house on the Pakistan side, then he should be on the India side.” How long does this tension last before a match? Ali started saying it’s only going to take a few days, but Ann interrupted by saying, “I’ll just block WhatsApp for a few days.” Ann says that: “Obviously if the person sitting next to him would get up from his seat for a while and say over and over, yes tell me how are you feeling it won’t feel bad ?”

During the first India-Pakistan competition, biryani was cooked as a common food of both countries, but after a while, Ann realized that “Pakistan loses the competition and these biryani also have fun, so I said no, pizza will be ordered from now on off.” Even after Pakistan’s defeat in Sunday’s game, the atmosphere at home was tense, but the unrest is not expected to last more than a few days.