Honda launched the last model of 2022, take it home with no deposit, know what’s on offer

Honda celebration edition launched with offersIn order to promote vehicle sales after the holiday season, different automakers are offering different offers and discounts to keep vehicle sales high. Meanwhile, another trusted two-wheeler manufacturer Honda has launched its new offering.

Honda brings new vehicle

Honda has launched the Celebration Edition of Honda Shine, the most powered variant of the two-wheeler. The screen has already reached the showrooms for sale with multiple offers or mileage. Let us explain in detail about the offers offered by the company.

Car will be available without payment

If you want to buy Honda Sign, you don’t need to make a deposit for this. According to the company’s new offering, 100% loan facility will only be made available in the showroom after you submit the required documents and you can take this vehicle out of the showroom without any deposit.

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No interest will be charged (no interest will be charged)

To buy a car, you also get the option to borrow without paying interest, making it easier for customers to buy a car on loan. As full payment, only the car has to be paid and no interest is added.

Cashback on payment (Get cashback on payment)

The company also offers cashback of up to 5,000 on individual bank and individual card payments, with a maximum period of 30 days between which 10% on payment and a maximum of ₹5,000 cashback on the customer’s card. or made available at the bank.