If you wrote this number on a pink 20 note, then you can make money, know how to sell it

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Old note news: If you wrote this number on a pink note of 20 rupees, you can earn money, knowing how to sell it. If you are poor, don’t think that the days will always change, you don’t know when whose days will return. There are many such people in our society, who suddenly fulfilled their dream of becoming a millionaire overnight.

Today, the demand for old notes and coins is increasing rapidly in the world market, for which a considerable amount is received. If you want to earn a large amount in exchange for old banknotes, then this news will be very useful to you. There is a chance to earn lakhs of rupees in exchange for a 20 rupee note. In exchange for 20 notes, you will comfortably get 8 lakh rupees. In the international market, many websites buy the banknotes by bidding. There are some conditions established for the sale of this connote, which must be followed.

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If you have this number on a pink 20 note, you can earn money

Know the specialty of 20 notes

There are some conditions set by the websites for the purchase of 20 notes in the international market. If your note meets certain conditions, you can make your dream of becoming a millionaire come true in one fell swoop. First of all, the color of the 20 bill you have must be pink. It must also have serial number 786 on it. Then after this you will easily get 4 lakh rupees instead of one note. If you have 10 such notes, you can earn Rs 30 lakh at home. You must be wondering why the note with the number 786 sells for such a high price. Serial number 786 is considered very sacred in the Muslim community and is bought at high prices by bidding. At the same time, according to religious experts, the number 786 is considered a symbol of peace and happiness and prosperity in the Muslim community.

Know how to sell the note

To sell the pink 20 bill neatly, you must first click on www.ebay.com. This time you need to register on the home stage, then you need to register as a seller with a clear photo of your note and upload it to the site Can sell, in return for which a good amount of money will be received.