Lemon 2 rupees can change your luck, you will become rich from poor, do this miraculous remedy with cloves, know

Lemon tricks

Most of you know that lemon rich in vitamin C is used in most foods. Lemon is an invigorating and disease-fighting fruit that contains citric acid. But do you know that currently the lemon available in the market for 5 rupees can also solve many kinds of problems. Lemon is used in all sorts of astrological remedies. According to Vastu Shastra, there are many tricks related to lemon that can change your luck.

It is believed that planting a lemon plant in the house keeps evil forces away from the house. If there is space in the courtyard of your house in such a situation, be sure to plant a lemon plant. If there is a rift between husband and wife, pour water into a large kitchen utensil in the bedroom and put two lemon wedges in it. Change the water of this vessel every other day and then add new lemon dal. Doing this remedy for at least 1 month will increase the love between the couple.

to get rid of bad dreams

If a medicine has no effect on the sick person, it could also be because of the evil eye. In this case, write 307 on the lemon with black ink and throw it 7 times on the sick person. With this remedy, a person quickly gets better. Apart from this, if a person cannot sleep due to bad dreams, then this person is advised to keep green lemon under the pillow. After drying the lemon, put fresh green lemon in its place again. By doing this 5 times continuously, bad dreams stop and good sleep also starts.

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If a person does not get success even after hard work, go to the Hanuman temple with a lemon and four cloves and pray for success by reciting Hanuman Chalisa by placing four cloves on the lemon. Doing this will increase the chances of success in work.

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sleeping happiness will wake up

It is said that lemon as a tantric remedy can also awaken sleeping happiness. If you suffer a business loss, cut five lemons and keep them in the store or business on Sunday afternoon. After this, after opening the store the next morning, pick it up and take it to an abandoned place.

On Sunday, put four cloves on a lemon and take the lemon with you after chanting the mantra ‘Om Shri Hanumate Namah’ 108 times. This will surely get your work done. If you have complaints about your happiness, to wake up your happiness, take a lemon and twist it over your head seven times and cut it into two pieces. After this, throw the left handpiece to the right side and the right handpiece to the left side. By doing this, your corrupted works will be made again.