Luck shone, Rs 10 crore came into the police officer’s bill overnight, know how to know

Pakistani news: Happiness has no confidence if you get rich overnight. At the same time, the same has happened to a police officer from Pakistan, with not much 10 crore rupees being credited to his account overnight. When the officer got a call from the bank, he found out about this, which surprised him because suddenly such a huge amount no one will be happy.

The name of the police officer who lives in the city of Karachi is Amir Gopang, whose account has been credited with such a huge amount that he could never have imagined. But unfortunately, he couldn’t use this amount because, after giving him information, the bank first stopped the transaction in his account and then blocked his ATM so he couldn’t withdraw money.

The bank had stopped the transaction from the account.

At the same time, Aamir Gopang told: ‘I found out about this when the bank contacted me and told me that Rs 10 crore has been transferred to my account.’ He said his bank account had been frozen and his debit card had been ‘blocked’ by the bank during the investigation.

Let us tell you that such incidents have already taken place in Larkana and Sukkur.

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‘I was surprised’ (‘I was surprised’)

Then he says I was surprised to see so much money in my account because instead of seeing so much money, I never got more than a few thousand rupees in my account. Now, however, the police are investigating the case from where such a huge amount was transferred to this account.