Rakhi Sawant asked the question ‘What fireworks am I looking for’, you will be shocked when you hear the answer from the shopkeeper

Rakhi Sawant is seen walking the streets of Mumbai with lights on her body for Diwali. Rakhi Sawant remains in the headlines for her exploits. This video of Rakhi Sawant is increasingly going viral on social media.

Video goes viral on social media Video goes viral on social media

As soon as Rakhi Sawant came out in Mumbai to do Diwali shopping, she wrapped a lamp on her body and made such a video that it went viral. Whenever Rakhi Sawant comes in front of the camera, she does something that causes her video to cause a stir on social media. Not only this, Rakhi poses such questions to the people around you by wrapping the light on this body that you will also be shocked when you hear their question and the answer in front. The special thing is that in this video Rakhi Sawant is not her boyfriend but is alone this time.

Rakhi Sawant wrapped lightly on her body

This bright Rakhi wrapped it around the body of a nearby shop. In this video you can see that Rakhi Sawant is lightly wrapped around her body. Rakhi has not only wrapped the light on the head, but also wrapped the light from the neck to the whole body.

Rakhi Sawant asked this question to people

Rakhi asked the people around me – tell me which fireworks I am? Rakhi Sawant envelops this light and asks only one question to the people around her in front of the camera. As soon as Rakhi asked, some people hesitated to say anything, but a shopkeeper said to Rakhi – ‘Ek dum item bomb ho’.

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fans react fans react

Every day, Rakhi and Adil are spotted together. When seeing this video of Rakhi Sawant, people react funny. One fan wrote: ‘This is another example.’ Another user wrote: ‘Must unfollow.’ The third said, “Now that he sees Rakhi, Urfi will come by wrapping the light on the head…let’s wait.” Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant is currently dating Dubai’s top businessman Adil Durrani.