Ramayana’s Sita showed off her daring hotness look for the camera, fans were furious after seeing the scene

Actress Deepika Chikhaliya gained special recognition from house to house by playing the role of Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s famous TV show ‘Ramayana’. Even after years, the public has the same reverence for Deepika. In addition to acting, Deepika is also very active on social media.

She often dominates the fans through her photos and videos. A video of him has since surfaced, which is still under discussion among fans. The modern look of the actress in this video surprises her fans.

In this look, Deepika Chikhaliya suddenly appeared in front of the camera.

Dipika Chikhlia has posted her latest video on Instagram. In this video, fans get to see his different avatar. In the video, you can see Deepika first smashing her sandals in the ground for the camera, then suddenly changing her dress.

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Dipika Chikhlia showed her modern look in front of the camera

During this his look looks quite modern. She has been wearing a short one-piece dress from Bloor. At the same time, her hair is open and bright makeup adds to her beauty. At the same time, Deepika is seen wearing this dress and walking sometimes.

Dipika Chikhlia’s video is getting more and more viral

This video of Deepika Chikhaliya is increasingly going viral on social media. As always, the fan reactions to this video come from him. Where many fans fall for this look of the actress. At the same time, many users do not like this appearance of theirs.

Fans Reacted After Watching Deepika Chikhaliya’s Video

Commenting on this, one user wrote: ‘Thank you Sita Mata ji… for the early morning darshan.’ One wrote, “Oh my God… what a transformation.” One writes: ‘It doesn’t suit you at all.’ Many more comments like this are on this video from Deepika.