Salman Khan wanted to marry this famous actress, couldn’t get married because of this big reason, know what the reason was

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Juhi Chawla, the beautiful actress of the 80s and 90s of Bollywood, turned 55 today. Juhi Chawla made her Bollywood debut only after Juhi Chawla made a name for herself in the modeling world. The Juhi Chawla actress made her debut with the 1987 movie Sultanat. After this, Juhi Chawla gave a hit movie to this industry which includes many movies like ‘Dar’, ‘Deewana Mastana’, ‘Ishq’, ‘Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar’. Salman Khan was also ready to marry actress Juhi Chawla.

Salman Khan wanted to marry this famous actress

Salman Khan is a famous actor of Hindi cinema. Salman Khan is single to date. His name is associated with many actresses. But there was a time when Salman Khan lost his heart to Juhi Chawla. The Salman Khan actor had a crush on Juhi Chawla in his mind. Not only this, he was also ready to marry Juhi Chawla. Salman Khan could not get married because of Juhi Chawla’s father.

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Salman Khan reached his home with a relationship (Salman Khan reached his home with a relationship)

Actor Salman Khan loved Juhi Chawla so much that he even reached Juhi’s father’s house to talk about it. Salman Khan had asked Juhi’s father for her hand. But Juhi Chawla’s father turned down actor Salman Khan. This was told by Salman Khan himself in an interview. Salman once said, “Juhi is very sweet. I had also asked his father if you would allow Juhi to marry me? But Juhi’s father refused.

Juhi Chawla married to Jai Mehta

Actress Juhi Chawla had secretly tied the knot with Jay Mehta in 1995. The first meeting of Jai Mehta and Juhi Chawla was done by Rakesh Roshan after which the closeness between the two gradually increased. Juhi Chawla had kept her marriage a secret from the public for six years. When the actress first got pregnant, people came to know about her marriage.