Sapna Choudhary did a backbreaking dance on the road, this video caused a stir on the internet

Sapna Choudhary

Sapna Choudhary New Dance: Sapna Choudhary did a grueling dance on the road itself, people enjoyed this dance, watch this video, the following of Haryanvi actress and dance sensation Sapna Choudhary is present all over the world today. Sapna has worked in films ranging from Haryanvi to Bhojpuri, Punjabi and Bollywood. Besides acting, Sapna is also very active on social media. She is often seen dancing videos with her latest photos. Meanwhile, a new video of him is going viral on the internet. In this video, Haryanvi Queen’s Dhansu dance is made just by watching.

Sapna Choudhary’s latest dance is going viral

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Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chowdhary posted a new video of her on Instagram. In this video, she can be seen dancing on the mountains in the middle of the road under the open sky. Here, Sapna is seen in full Haryanvi look. She has been wearing a pink and blue outfit. In the same video, Sapna can be seen doing a great dance to the song ‘Kaddu Katega To Sab Mein Batega’. Fans are in awe of seeing his dance moves. When sharing this video, Sapna wrote, when in doubt, dance

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Sapna Choudhary danced fiercely on the road


This video of Sapna Chaudhary is becoming more and more viral on social media. There are continuous reactions from fans to this video. By responding to this, users praise him fiercely. To this one user wrote, “Madam, your age is decreasing day by day. Love you.’ One of them wrote: “Great sister, set it on fire.” His fans love this video and praise his dance in the comments.