South’s superstar Allu Arjun becomes Dayawan, will bear the full cost of raising a poor girl, discussion is going on everywhere, see full news

South’s superstar Allu Arjun becomes Dayawan, bears the cost of raising a poor girl, discussions are all around, see all the news. Celebrities are often said to not care about the suffering of the common man. But not everyone is like that. South’s superstar Allu Arjun proved this by helping a needy. Help is also such that the heart becomes happy after hearing. Allu Arjun has come forward to help a talented girl in her studies. He has taken on the responsibility of bearing the full cost of the girl’s education and hostel. Everyone appreciates his help.

Allu Arjun helped educate a student from Kerala

According to media reports, Allu Arjun, who is known for his performance in the movie ‘Pushpa’, helped a promising student. The student belongs to Kerala. Alappuzha District Collector VR Krishna Teja in Kerala has informed through his Facebook page about the help Allu Arjun has received. Despite getting good grades in 12th place, the student struggled with her further studies. When Allu found out about his difficulties, he came forward to help.

Allu Arjun will bear the cost of a 4-year nursing course

Allu decided to fund the 4-year degree by paying all the costs of the student’s nursing degree. Collector VR Krishna Teja has told that a student had come to him asking for help to continue his studies. The student had scored 92% in class 12th. She got into financial trouble after her father died of Kovid.

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Despite getting good grades in 12th, the student struggled for further studies (despite getting good grades in 12th place, the student struggled for further studies)

The collector said that the girl came with Asha and had the confidence to do something. The collector said that he decided to help the girl as part of the “We Are for Alleppey” project. The girl wants to become a nurse. I talked to many colleges to get him admitted. He was eventually admitted to a private school. The big challenge was finding sponsors for studies.

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The collector had sought help from actor Allu Arjun and he immediately said yes.

The Collector is from Andhra Pradesh. He approached actor Allu Arjun for help. Allu immediately got ready. The collector said Allu agreed to pay four years of fees and other expenses, including hostel, instead of one. He himself had asked the girl’s permission. The collector said he is sure that in the future the girl will become a nurse after studying well and serving society. The collector has thanked the actor for his contribution.