SRK’s Ladli added a touch of hotness to her traditional take on Diwali celebration.

Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan can be seen in a killer pose in this photo. Diwali celebrations take place a lot in Bollywood these days. On the night of October 20, famed designer Manish Malhotra had hosted a Diwali celebration, where Shahrukh Khan’s Ladli drew all the attention.

Suhana Khan arrives at Manish Malhotra’s party Suhana Khan arrives at Manish Malhotra’s party

Shahrukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan, used to wear a sari on Manish Malhotra’s Diwali festival. Day by day in the Bollywood world, Diwali celebration is held in the home of the stars for the filmmakers. Recently, a Diwali celebration was organized in the house of Ramesh Taurani, after that the stars reached the Diwali celebration of Manish Malhotra. From Katrina Kaif to Aamir Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan has also reached Manish Malhotra’s Diwali celebration. But everyone’s heart was robbed by Suhana Khan’s sari look. His photos are going viral on social media.

Beautiful Bala in Saree Beautiful Bala in Saree

Suhana Khan’s gaze caught everyone’s attention at Manish Malhotra’s Diwali celebration. Shahrukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan, arrived in a sari at Manish Malhotra’s Diwali festival. People liked his appearance very much. People kept looking at him. Suhana Khan looked beautiful at Manish Malhotra’s Diwali celebration. This look of Suhana is widely acclaimed on social media. Fans lost their hearts to this act of his.

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robbed everyone’s heart with murderous acts

Suhana Khan looked very cute in a saree. His smile from above made a direct attack on the hearts of the fans. Suhana Khan is seen with her friend Ananya Pandey at this Diwali celebration. Both look very cute together. Suhana Khan’s killer looks make people crazy about her. In addition to the fans of these pictures, ordinary people also share a lot.