The government has gifted Diwali to the ration card holder, you will be glad to know

Ration card update: The government gave the gift of Diwali to the ration card holder, knowing that you will be glad to know, there is great good news for the ration card holders. Are you also a ration card holder then your Diwali (Diwali 2022) will be amazing this time. More recently, the central government has extended the free ration scheme until December. After this, the state governments also make announcements for the cardholders. In this order, the government has now taken a major decision to lower the sugar price. Not only this, you get salmon for 100 rupees.

Now you have to pay so much money for sugar

In view of the rising inflation, the government has announced that it will lower the sugar price. After this, you now only have to pay 20 rupees per kg of sugar. Antyodaya cardholders will benefit from this government announcement. With this announcement from the government, there has been relief from the rising inflation among cardholders. People who take free rations from this facility provided by the government during the holiday season are happy and they say that the government has won hearts with this announcement.

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Maharashtra government announced

Along with the announcements of the central government, the state governments are also giving the gift of Diwali. On the occasion of the festival, the government of Maharashtra has made a special announcement for the holders of the voucher. On this basis, the government gives you groceries for just Rs 100. In this you get a kg of rava (semolina), edible oil, yellow lentils and groundnut for Rs.00. While there has been a wave of happiness among cardholders across the country due to the extension of the central government’s free ration schedule until December, this announcement by the government of Maharashtra has eased Diwali even more for the state’s ration card holders. .