The photo of MS Dhoni’s first girlfriend is going viral on social media. Upon seeing the photo, fans said that if he had been alive, he would have ruled Bollywood.

MS Dhoni News: The photo of MS Dhoni’s first girlfriend is increasingly viral on social media. Seeing the photo, the fans said that if he was alive, children know Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who rules Bollywood, in the present era. A movie has also been made about him. The film director Neeraj Pandey made the movie MS Dhoni – The Untold Story. Speaking of the film’s story, it sheds light on things related to Dhoni’s personal life. In this episode, the audience is introduced to Priyanka Jha, the story of Dhoni’s girlfriend. Very few people know about Dhoni’s real girlfriend.

After seeing the entire film, the public will find out when Dhoni was on a foreign tour. At the same time, Priyanka dies in an accident. In the same film, the role of Dhoni’s girlfriend was played by Bollywood’s well-known actress Disha Patani. Disha’s acting in the film was loved by the people. She was seen on the screen as a very beautiful and simple woman. After seeing the film, the audience was desperate for a glimpse of Dhoni’s real girlfriend.

The photo of Dhoni’s first girlfriend Priyanka Jha has been seen on the internet lately. Where she looks really beautiful. Maybe this is an old photo of him that was recently uploaded.

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Those who belong to the world of entertainment know that the film, based on the life of MS Dhoni, earned more than 100 crores. The well-known actress Kiara Advani played the role of Dhoni’s wife in the same film.

Another woman’s name was associated with Dhoni. People have no specific information about this. That woman’s name is Lakshmi Rai. It is heard that a film could also be made about the life of Laxmi and Dhoni. In the story of the film, she will fall in love with the cricketer.