The waiting for Bullet enthusiasts is over, the company brings Electric Bullet on customer demand, see the powerful range with great features


The wait for Bullet enthusiasts is over, the company is bringing Electric Bullet at the request of the customer, Vinod Dasari, CEO of Royal Enfield had confirmed that the company intends to enter the electric motorcycle segment. Following this announcement, the domestic bicycle maker confirmed in its 2020-21 annual report that the company also makes an electric range of bicycles.

If you are considering buying a Royal Enfield bicycle then this news is very good for you. Because the company is about to launch its electric bike in the coming days. Although the company has not directly said anything about this. Motorcycle and car companies are emphasizing electric vehicles in India and electric scooters and cars are also appearing on the road. Under this effort, Royal Enfield will also focus on making electric bicycles in the near future and the company has expressed its intention to also launch Royal Enfield Electric Bikes in the near future.

Recently, a glimpse of Royal Enfield Meteor Electric Variant has been seen on a digital platform, which has excellent design and appearance. Although the company has not given any information about the models of its electric bike, the market of discussions about the electric version of Meteor 350 has become hot.

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Royal Enfield may launch its first electric bicycle in the year 2023, an electric version of one of its existing bicycles. The dummy electric model of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 spied on shows off a two-tone color theme that comes in blue and white color options. The engine and chassis of this retro designed bicycle are of a different style.

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The top part of the fuel tank of Royal Enfield’s forthcoming electric bicycle may be white and the bottom part may be blue. There are also blue accents with black in the rims. The Royal Enfield electric bike can see a large battery and large battery packs can be seen in the motor section. The company can write EV along with the bike name in the side panel of this bike.