These 3 bikes with a low budget, great features and the highest mileage, know the price

Best Mileage Cycling In India: Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, many people use bicycles instead of cars. Although the price of the bike is not low either. But what if your bike travels more than 70KM on 1 liter of petrol. It is absolutely possible. Today we tell you about 3 bikes with a low budget and the highest mileage. Buying one of these bikes will not be a loss-making deal for you.

TVS Sports Bicycle

TVS Sport gives the highest mileage. The name of this motorcycle has also appeared in the Asia Book of Records in terms of mileage. This bike has a mileage up to 110kmpl on offer. The price of the bike starts from Rs 61,577.

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Bajaj Platinum 100 Bicycle

Bajaj Platinum 100 comes in second in the best mileage bikes. This bike offers mileage up to 75Kmpl in a litre. The price of this bike starts from Rs.64,653 (ex showroom). It has a 102cc engine, which produces 7.9 horsepower. The weight of the bike is 117 Kg.

Bajaj CT 110 Bicycle

The engine of 115.45 cc is given in Bajaj CT 110. The mileage of the engine with this engine is 70 kmpl. This engine can generate an output of 8.44 hp and a maximum torque of 9.81 Nm. The price of the bike is Rs 66,718.