This Toyota car runs from Rs 65 per litre, will also lead the way in mileage, know about this car

Toyota new car: This Toyota car will start from Rs 65 per litre, will also lead the way in mileage, know this car, everyone is worried about the prices of petrol and diesel and now it is also getting expensive together. Meanwhile, this company has introduced its ethanol-powered car that will run on fuel of Rs 65 per day. Let us know the full details.

Toyota Mileage CNG Cars Buy Cheap

Everyone suffers from expensive petrol-diesel. At the same time, CNG has also become more expensive than Diesel. Even though petrol-diesel prices have been stable for the past six months, if prices rise, the explosion in prices could scorch anyone. But if you are told in this age of inflation that your car will run on Rs 65 fuel instead of Rs 100 petrol or diesel for Rs 90 then you may not believe it but it is true. Toyota is working on a car that runs entirely on ethanol. Today the company has lifted the curtain on this project.

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Nitin Gadkari launched this Toyota car

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Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari launched the Japanese car company Toyota’s pilot project on hybrid electric vehicles on Tuesday. In this pilot project, the vehicle can run entirely on alternative fuel ‘ethanol’. At the launch of the project, Toyota Corolla Altis FFV-SHEV, imported from Toyota Brazil for a pilot project, was unveiled.

car launched on fuel

FFV-SHEV refers to rugged hybrid electric vehicles that run on more than one type of fuel. On the occasion, Gadkari said that pollution is a major concern in India and that the transport sector contributes to pollution. “Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the use of electric vehicles that also run on biofuels such as ethanol and methanol,” he said.

This car is a car with an electron powertrain

Toyota Brazil has introduced the FFV-SHEV technology. It has a flex-fuel motor and an electric powertrain. It can use fuel with higher ethanol mixture and has higher fuel consumption.