Gaming headphones with mic in India are not the newest trend. But with the advent of new technology and advancement in gaming capabilities, they seem to make a comeback.

The demand for headphones with microphones has been increasing primarily due to competitive gaming events that happen online.

As a result, the popularity of headphones for gaming has increased exponentially in recent years and it is now common to see them on the heads of casual gamers and professional e-sports players alike.

If you are looking for a gaming headset that can satisfy your personal needs, this article is for you. This article will give you an overview of what features should be in every headset and how to choose your ideal one.

Why You Should Buy a Gaming Headphone With Mic in India

Earbuds are not ideal for gaming. But now, you can buy gaming headphones with a mic in India which is also less expensive than other headphones with a mic.

Gaming Headphone: This is a costly purchase but it pays off when you can use it to listen to music and still play games on your phone or console while being aware of your surroundings. You will be able to hear any footsteps or warnings from the game which you cannot do with earbuds that cost half the price of this one.

In-ear Gaming Headset: These are also in-budget and provide great sound quality as well as a mic for all types of gaming experience. The mic allows players to communicate with others in-game and share strategies.

What is the Best Brand of Gaming Headphone to Buy?

Gaming headphones have become a staple item in the gaming community. With the increasing popularity of e-sports, more and more brands are coming out with their own gaming headphones.

There is no one brand that is considered the best brand for all types of gamers. It is always a good idea to try out different brands before making your decision on which brand to buy.

Which Do you Prefer – Wired or Wireless Gaming Headset?

Answering this question is difficult. Each person has different needs and preferences. For example, if you are a gamer, you would want to use a wireless headset because it won’t cause any additional hassle. However, if you have an earful of infections, then the wired headsets might be better for you since they do not require batteries or charging.

The answer is that its personal preference which is why we need to ask questions such as these ones at the start of the process and get your feedback on what type of headset will work best for you.

Each individual has different needs and preferences that vary according to their lifestyle and budget. We can’t just cite one type of gaming headset as being superior over another without knowing your needs first!

1. EKSA E900 Gaming Headphones

The EKSA E900 gaming headphones are designed with the gamer in mind. It has a 36-inch wireless microphone that can be used at any time and it delivers on a high level of performance.

EKSA’s associate engineers have spent countless hours analysing, testing, and optimizing the precise frequency response for each type of game genre.

This is a guide about the EKSA E900 Gaming Headphones. It is a well-known brand among gamers that offer quality, competitively priced headphones.

The EKSA’s feature-packed design features a powerful 50 mm Audio Driver Unit that produces an impressive bass response and crisp highs for an immersive sound experience and 90% Noise Reduction Technology to keep your ears safe from high-frequency sounds.

2. Ant E-sports H1000 Pro Gaming Headphones

With the increase in popularity of e-sports, more and more companies are coming up with their own products for avid gamers. Ant E-sports H1000 Pro Gaming Headphones is one such product that is designed to give you a complete gaming experience.

The 2. Ant E-sports H1000 Pro Gaming Headphones are not just headphones for your ears, they are also meant to be able to enhance your gameplay while providing you with best-in-class audio quality. It comes with noise-cancelling technology that helps you focus on the game and enjoy music at the same time without disturbing others around you.

The headphones come in four colour schemes black, white, red and green which makes it easy for users to choose whichever colour suits their personality or style better. Apart from being compatible with different devices,

3. Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Gaming Headphones

The Cosmo 7.1 is a new regular gaming headphone that is designed with comfort, durability, and performance in mind.

The Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Gaming Headphones are wired headphones with a feature that can be activated with a button on the left earcup. The feature enables gamers to hear their opponents’ footsteps and gunshots while playing online games.

The headphones are wireless and have 8-hour battery life in gaming mode, so you won’t need to purchase extra batteries for when you’re on the go.

The company has gone through a long list of rigorous quality standards to ensure the headphones are durable and comfortable for the long term. The company also added their own special cushioning on the ear cups as well as on the headband so they can make sure that they look after your needs for a good gaming experience.

Redgear has invested in its technology by using high-quality materials and making sure that its products are built to last. They don’t take shortcuts when it comes to time, cost, or quality. This is why you can trust them to provide you with a good product at an affordable price point.”

4. Ant Esports H707 Gaming Headphones

Ant Esports H707 Gaming Headphones are the best option for gamers who want to indulge in a good quality sound and support for their favourite games.

The headphones are designed with a closed back that helps to reduce external noise, an excellent noise-cancelling technology that is best for those who spend a lot of time on public transport or in loud environments.

Where it’s easy to miss important conversations, and is also tangle-free so that you can have a sleek and fashionable headphone set. The ear cups are padded well enough to provide an enjoyable experience for the user.