With new changes, Yamaha RX 100 returns to its former glory with many new features and mileage

Yamaha RX100: The bike will see major changes when the RX100 is relaunched. The engine will have to be completely redesigned according to the pollution standards. Also, its strength may need to be increased.

In fact, the stories behind the closure of this motorcycle, which gave Yamaha recognition in the Asian market, are also interesting. Once upon a time, the first choice of the youth and the dream of children, this motorcycle is again in discussion after the sudden cessation of production of Yamaha RX100 and after nearly three decades have passed. Yamaha RX100

But now there is talk of a relaunch and it has also been admitted by Yamaha itself that they are working on a new model of this motorcycle. It will also be launched soon. Yamaha RX100

Yamaha RX 100 returns to its former glory

But now the question arises as to whether the RX100 will return to its former glory, or will it be forgotten by becoming just a medium powered bike like any other 100cc bike. Let us know the story of this motorcycle from its history to now. Yamaha RX100

What is the story behind why the RX100 was discontinued?

Several generations were also launched after this with the RXZ and RX135 becoming the most popular, but production of both was later discontinued for the same reasons. There are many stories behind the discontinuation of the RX100, one of Yamaha’s true legendary motorcycles, but the truth is that production of this two-stroke was stopped in 1996 because it did not meet pollution standards. Yamaha RX100

what was the reason for its popularity?

But the RX100 was the choice of enthusiasts. The reason for this was the decent round headlight look, the slim body, the light weight and the great pickup. The RX100 was the lowest-mileage motorcycle of the time. At that time Hero had motorcycles like CD 100, CD 100 SS, Honda Sleek that gave good mileage. Of the two-strokes, the RX 100 had the tallest pickup. While the motorcycle’s top speed was much lower than today’s bikes, the initial torque can beat many of today’s bikes. Yamaha RX100

Drag Racers picks picks

Together with the suspension in the motorcycle, the motorcycle is used by drag racers with some minor modifications. The RX100 is still the choice of drag racers in India. The lightweight aluminum motor gives the racers a balanced position and speed.

What’s new in the new RX100

But now it comes down to how the two-stroke RX100 will be launched. Yamaha India president Ishin Chihana once said in an interview that the company plans to relaunch the RX100. Let’s know what the changes will be in Yamaha RX 100

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Now that the engine itself will be completely replaced, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the old RX100 won’t have the same feel. Also, due to the change of engine from two-stroke to 4-stroke, the motorcycle’s thrust will end somewhere. But it will be futuristic and will be prepared according to today. Yamaha RX100