With shopping now available on Whatsapp, the Search For Business feature will soon be launched in India

Search for business

WhatsApp Search For Business Feature:- With shopping now available on Whatsapp, the Search For Business feature will soon be launched in India. Now, following Instagram and Facebook stores in India, the Meta platform could soon launch the ‘Search for Business’ feature that will allow users to find contacts with brands and even make purchases within the application itself. .

Feature available in Brazil Search For Business

This is because the platform has rolled out the feature in select countries including Brazil, UK, Indonesia, Mexico, and Colombia. Users can find the nearest retailer on WhatsApp thanks to the new directory feature, currently only available in Brazil.

Testing completed in Sao Paulo

After testing it in Sao Paulo, the company will expand it nationwide. The new ‘Search for Business’ feature allows users to search for a brand as they do for e-commerce brands. Even the two billion daily active users will be able to find multiple categories such as shopping, food and drink, finance and banking. The instant messaging app has started testing in Brazil and is also expanding the number of businesses that can accept bank card payments.

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This feature will be available soon in India

This feature is only available in Brazil, UK, Indonesia, Mexico and Colombia. Although the tech giant has not yet made a statement about when this feature will be available in India. However, this could be a game-changing feature for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in India. The company has said it is still working on the feature and will expand it to other countries in the coming years.

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Will be possible through WhatsApp chat

Clearly, this feature will benefit businesses too, as people will be able to find them, contact them, and make purchases – all now possible through a single WhatsApp chat. Mark Zuckerberg also promised privacy with Business Search, stating that what you search is processed in such a way that no one can trace it back.